About HTSI

  With the vision of being the best partner in the semiconductor test supply chain, HTSI continues to provide innovative services and quality products to enhance customer satisfaction as its core business direction. The main products include: Prober related products, automation design integration solutions, DRAM foundry testing services and agent TSE probe cards in Korea, including semiconductors, electronic components and medical industry.
  Different from other manufacturers, HTSI providing testing and integration of Total Solution, including R&D, design, manufacturing, hardware and software performance improvement, machine maintenance and repair services, Chiller repair services, education and training, and after-sales service to enhance customers. Competitiveness is the goal, and it is expected to bring customers the best test solutions and become the most trusted partner of customers.

  漢測別於其他廠商,提供Total Solution的測試與整合,包含研發、設計、製造、軟硬體性能提升、機台保養及維修服務、Chiller維修服務、教育訓練及售後服務等,以提升客戶競爭力為目標,期許能帶給客戶最優測試解決方案,並成為客戶最信賴夥伴。